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MBST Therapy

Pioneering treatment for arthritis, back pain, soft tissue damage and sports injuries

MBST is a non-invasive form of treatment specialising in long-term pain relief and improved mobility.

Your first step on the road to recovery…

MBST offers a comfortable and uncomplicated therapy that stimulates cell regeneration at a molecular level. It provides long-lasting and sustainable results, and in several cases has eliminated the need for surgery.

Our health professionals use MBST to treat anyone, from the general public to professional athletes.

Effective on patients of all ages

  • No Surgery
  • No Medication
  • No Injections
  • No Intravenous Infusions

The MBST method offers pain-free treatment for numerous conditions, including:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Muscle, Ligament and Tendon Damage & Pain
  • Sports and Accident Injuries
  • Bruised Bones
  • Cartilage Damage
  • Fractures
  • Nerve Damage after injury or surgery
  • and general wear and tear that happens over time.

MBST is completely stress-free

From the initial diagnosis through to aftercare, every patient is fully supported throughout the MBST process by healthcare professionals and trained technicians. We always provide expert care and attention, giving our patients peace of mind.

During therapy, there is little to do but lay back and let MBST work for you. Most patients bring a book, listen to music, or just take a nap during the hour of comfortable therapy.

How it works

1. The pioneering technology uses MRT (Magnetic Resonance Therapy) to communicate with damaged and degenerated cartilage, bone, ligament, tendon, and muscle cells and encourages them to repair and regrow.

Click on the video for an in-depth explanation of the MBST process

2. Once the cells of the affected area or injury have been sufficiently stimulated from MBST therapy, the cells will continue to grow and develop by themselves.

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