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Last week I got an Email from a student at a chiropractic college who was very excited.  He was going home for the weekend and he couldn’t wait to tell his family “everything he had learned about how the body heals itself.”I wrote back a one-line response to him, “I am sorry to tell you Andy, but the body most certainly does not heal itself – you will need to tell your family something else.”  Needless to say, he was more than just a little shocked at my statement.  I purposely left my reply short because I wanted him to write back to me again – he did just that.

“What do you mean the body doesn’t heal itself?!  That is the whole idea that chiropractic is based upon – that the brain and nervous system control everything in the body and that by making sure people have a functioning spine and a clear neurological connection, the body can heal itself!”

I wrote back to him once more.  “Does a dead body have a brain and a nerve system?”  Once again, he answered me quickly, “Yes!  Of course!  But what does that have to do with anything?!  Please respond right away!”

My answer was as follows.  “Yes Andy, it is true that the nerve system is the master control system of the body and that no activity takes place without the impulses that move over the nerve system between the brain and body and back again.  But I have another question for you – What controls the brain?  Where do the thoughts, ideas and other impulses come from?”

Andy answered me back again saying that he now understood exactly what I meant and that I could rest assured that he would be telling his family something different than what he had originally planned to say.

The difference between chiropractic and all other healing professions is that we recognize the intangible within our bodies – our Innate Intelligence.  You see, there is no difference between a recently dead body and a live one except for the presence or absence of a Life force.  This is the most important idea in all of chiropractic.

There is only ONE reason to get a chiropractic adjustment – to allow for the most complete expression of your Innate Intelligence as possible.  And, in understanding that, we can even see that chiropractic is not really even a healing profession – it is something that is necessary to all people who want to have the best chance at fully expressing their purpose and potential in life!

I was once told by the short-sighted president of a chiropractic college that our “Innate Intelligence is totally immaterial.”  I responded that it may be immaterial, but that doesn’t mean it’s unimportant!

When we talk about the miracles that occur in our health and in our lives with chiropractic care, don’t forget the most important part of you that makes those miracles happen.  Realize that it is the Divine Perfection within that is doing the adapting, the healing and the growing, and that your body is simply the amazing vehicle you have been given through which to express your highest self.

You see, it is really the Power that made the body that heals the body.


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  1. CC Lohr says:

    This is a great article/blog! I agree 110% with you and the way you stated this was perfection!
    Thank you
    Dr CC