Mei Mei


My name is Mei-Mei. I am the practice manager and a chiropractic assistant. I have worked for Dr Roger White since the year 2000.

My job is to enable the chiropractor to concentrate on adjusting the practice members and I do everything else to do with the smooth running of the practice.

I will greet you with a smile, assist you before your adjustment and help you get the most from your chiropractic care. I am always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. I love to help people and have never thought of this as a job, more of a vocation.

My hobbies are diving, skiing, gardening, cooking and I won the United Chiropractic CA Award for the most contrubution to chiropractic in 2009 for my  chiropractic book .

16 years is a remarkable time to stay in one place.  I have enjoyed working here and I will miss working in this environment very much. I have put my life and soul into this place, but I realise nothing lasts forever and I do wish it every success to continue. Goodbyes are sad and I will miss everyone but you are all in the very capable hands of Dr Roger White.