Dr Philip Mitchell

Dr Philip Mitchell B.Sc. (Hons) 
Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr Phil has been under regular Chiropractic care since his first adjustment aged 14 years old. He was adjusted for a chronic knee problem and was inspired to become a chiropractor due to the improvements he noted in his overall health and wellbeing as his spine was corrected.

Since graduating from Welsh Institute of Chiropractic with first class honours in 2006, Phil has gained extensive clinical experience having consulted in Bristol, Bournemouth and Singapore before moving to West Sussex. Phil has given talks to many different organisations at home and abroad and regularly travels to seminars to continue his development. With his experience and since having his three children, Phil is passionate about helping children achieve the very best start in life through chiropractic health.

Dr Phil has seen all kinds of aches and pains respond to specific chiropractic adjustments, helped thousands of patient regain their health and wellbeing and he is dedicated to serving people through chiropractic.

If you want to get well, stay well and live well, Phil is here to help. 

(Disclaimer – Dr Phil is not a medical doctor nor does he claim to be a medical doctor.)

Laura Sburlea

Laura Sburlea
Head CA

Laura first joined the clinic in Crawley as a chiropractic assistant in 2013, with very little knowledge of chiropractic but a keen desire to learn and help people. She quickly learnt the skills to run the clinic smoothly and, after seeing, on a daily basis the fantastic results people had from care, developed a strong belief in the benefits of a chiropractic lifestyle.

Laura has regular adjustments herself and her two children also have regular checks to help them stay well. In fact before having adjustments her eldest daughter was having frequent illnesses and time off school and now she very rarely gets ill. Laura says “I love working at the clinic and seeing people’s lives changed as they get well”.

Rosie Mitchell

You will see Rosie around the clinic from time to time either helping out behind the desk or in having her regular adjustments. Rosie had previously used a Chiropractor for pain relief for lower back pain but it was after meeting Phil that she became aware of the further benefits of Chiropractic care to stay healthy and well.

Previously having suffered chronic lower back pain, since having regular adjustments Rosie now very rarely suffers. Rosie says “Since keeping my spine healthy I have noticed that my previous heavy painful periods have improved and also my mood does not change as much. I also feel I sleep better and have more energy when I am regularly adjusted”.

Rosie and Phil have three energetic children who keep Rosie busy most of the time. When she has a moment Rosie likes to keep fit with running and body combat!

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