Importance of Good Posture

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We all depend on gravity. Astronauts in space do not use their muscles and bones, so they become weak. Due to gravity on Earth just standing we use 200 muscles. It is not surprising that many people complain of back pain, or fatigue. It all starts with the nervous system in our body, which controls muscle contractions and moving the bones. Poor posture is the first sign of impaired nervous system.

Your eyes give the signal to brain (nervous system) to keep upright. Fluid in your ear gives information about your balance and position. Pressure sensors on your feet send signals to your nervous system so you can stand without falling. Bones are the structural components, they can’t move, dislocate or become malpositioned without muscles pulling on them. Sometimes the muscles contract even though they shouldn’t, which is a sign of disturbance of posture.
Chiropractic can help you to restore joint mobility, relieve pain, relax tense muscles and stimulate the healing of damaged tissue. Damaged tissues, trauma, heavy object handling, constant sitting, awkward postures can cause misaligned vertebrae in the spine, what we call Subluxations. A lot of problems of the spine and postural disorders begin in childhood, so is very important to have your children checked.

How do postural distortions get started?

Our posture often shows disturbances to our nervous system. It reveals how we adapt to stress and common examples include physical stresses from the birth process, sport injuries, car accidents, childhood traumas and even unresolved emotional pressures. As a result of these incidents and other stresses, our bodies often assume a defensive, protective posture.
What are the early signs of postural problems?
During the Chiropractic examination we look for any abnormal head tilting to one side, forward head carriage and we also check the level of the shoulders and the hips. The ears, shoulders and hips should be level with the ground; however we often find abnormalities in all of these levels when a new patient first comes to our clinic.
We also observe the way you walk, look for any unusual shoe wear and observe for any other abnormalities in the lower extremity. We encourage parents to bring their children in to have a spinal and postural evaluation so these same issues don’t become engrained patterns early on and become a bigger problem further down the line. This is so important that at West Sussex Chiropractic in Crawley, we have a policy of offering a Free Chiropractic Examination to all children up to the age of 16.


Laura Sburlea, Chiropractic Assistent

Thank you to our chiropractor Dr Luke Mulvihill and for the image.


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