Meet the Chiropractors

Chiropractors are practitioners interested in overall health and wellbeing including nutrition, exercise, sports performance, rehabilitation, and spinal health. Follow this link for further details.

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Few people are aware of what chiropractic health care is.

The majority of musculoskeletal pains are preventable, there are many things people do everyday, besides poor posture, accidents and sporting injuries that lead to back pain. Effects of most injuries can be felt immediately but many other conditions involve a slow process of spinal deterioration resulting in back and neck pain or other health problems.

Many times the warning signs are ignored and spinal dysfunction is left to develop, causing long term changes to spinal discs, joints and soft tissues. Early detection and correction of spinal problems is the key to avoiding long term damage to discs and other spinal structures, thereby allowing individuals to reach their full potential health.

Education is equally valuable in the patients understanding of how and why spinal dysfunction occurs. Our chiropractors will be holding weekly health education classes for patients and the general public.

Everyone is welcome including children and pets.